Notes and Forms




11th February Student Update 2019 Update student details
11th February Student health sheet 2019 Please complete and return to school as soon as possible
11th February Important Information FYI
27th March ICAS Assessment  
20th March Active Kids Holiday Program  
28th March Year 6 Canberra Initial Letter Please return by Friday 5th April
29th March Parent Assembly The Connected Parent Conference  
29th March Lows Price Uniform Price List  
29th April Term 2 Canteen Menu  
1st May Year 6 Art Gallery Excursion  
7th May Year 6 Canberra Initial Letter Please pay in full by 27 September 2019
8th May St Carthages Athletics Carnival Please return by Friday 24th May with note and $2.
9th May Year 6 Safe on Social Media @ Trinity Please advise your child’s teacher by 15 May if you do not wish your child to attend.
20th May Rugby 10’s Coffs Harbour Carnival Please return note and money by Wednesday 22 May.
22nd May Northern Rivers Science Day Note Please return by Thursday 6th June.
22nd May Confirmation Retreat  
24th May Netball 2019 State Cup Please return note and money by Thursday 6th June.
5th June Year 6 2019 service retreat Please return note by Monday 17th June.
12th June Year 2 Dolphin Dreaming Excursion Please return by Wednesday 19th June + $19.00
17th June Parent Teacher Interview Closes Friday 28th June 4pm
17th June 1SD & 6MC PARENT TEACHER BOOKING SHEET Bookings Close Friday 21st June 4pm. 
21st June PDHPE Sensitive Issues Note Please return by Wednesday 3rd July.
24th June Kindergarten Excursion Please return ASAP.
24th June Active Kids July Program  
27th June Year 5 Byron Bay Writers Festival Please return note and money by 4th July.
28th June Tournament of Minds  
31st July Lake Ainsworth Note 1 2019 Please return by Tuesday 6th August
7th August Naidoc week  
8th August Year 3 States of Matter please return with money by Wednesday
9th August Itinerary and Medical Forms note Canberra 2019 – Google Docs please return to class teacher by Friday 23rd August
14th August fathers’ day sausage sizzle please return by Monday 26th August
16th August Year 6 Mulit-Sports Gala Day Please return by 21st August
3rd September Lake Ainsworth Note 2 2019 Please pay by Friday 18th October.
12th September Lake Ainsworth Note 3 Students (1) Please complete and return by Friday 25 October.
17th September Lake Ainsworth Requirement List  
20th September Year One Excursion Please complete and return by Thursday 26th September
15th October Year 5 PDHPE Letter Term 4  
17th October Years 2 Excursion to the Square Please return signed note by Friday 18 October
29th October Clothing Pool Order Form  
4th November MAI Parent Note for 2020 (1)  
4th November MAI Online Booking Parent Letter   
5th November Swimming Trials 2020 Online nominations to be completed by Wednesday 20th November.
5th November 2019 year 6 note end of year information please complete and return by 12th December
5th November 2019 dinner dance note  
11th November Fire Safety Letter  
12th November Year 5 Lake Ainsworth change of dates  
15th November Kinder Excursion please return by Wednesday 20th November
22nd November Bushfire appeal disco