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Daily Procedures

Operating Hours

School Hours & Supervision

Lessons commence each day at 8:55 am and conclude at 3:15 pm. The school grounds are open to students from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Supervision will be provided between these times.

Special arrangements will be made concerning authorised school activities that require students' attendance at the school outside these hours.

Bell Times

8:55 am Start of school

10.55 am Morning Tea

11.15 am Classes resume

1.15 pm Lunch

2.15 pm Classes resume

3.15 pm School concludes

Office Hours

The office hours are 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. All Office operations are conducted during these hours.

Student Attendance 

Late Arrivals

Students who arrive late must report to the Office before proceeding to class. A parent must accompany the student. The students will be given a card to give to their classroom teacher so that they know they have been signed in.

Early Departure

Students may not leave the School premises during school hours without being signed out through the Office. Parents/guardians must collect their children from the Office and sign them out.

Absence from School & Extended Leave

Parents/Guardians will be notified of absences if the Office has not received notice of the absence via a text message through the Compass app. Parents/guardians must notify the Office with a reason for the absence. 

Feeling Unwell

If students feel unwell at school, they must inform their teacher, who will send them to the Office. If required, parents will be called to collect their child. If students feel unwell during recess or lunch, they must go to the teacher on duty for assistance.

Unable to Participate in Sport

A written note of explanation from a parent/guardian or a medical certificate should be given to the Office.


School excursions linked to units of work being studied greatly benefit and enrich the children’s education. Permission Notes are required from parents before children are permitted to take part in an excursion.

Excursions are part of the teaching and learning program of our school and as such, children are expected to attend. If, for some reason, your child cannot attend an excursion, the class teacher and/or Principal needs to be informed.

In order to participate in an excursion, a student must display responsible behaviour at all times throughout the year, as participation in excursions is a privilege, not a right.

School Fee restrictions apply to our major excursions (Year Five camp and Year Six excursion). If school fees or payment agreements are not up to date, students may be excluded from excursions.

The children will always be accompanied by adults. Parents are invited to take part in many of our excursions. All staff are accredited with CPR training annually.

Student Items

Restricted Items at School

Students are not allowed to use mobile phones or music players at school. These items should be switched off at all times and taken to the Office upon arrival at school.

Under no circumstances are students to use their mobile phones to contact parents during school hours. If they need to contact parents, this must be arranged through the School Office. Likewise, any parent needing to contact their child(ren) between school hours should phone the School Office.

Security of Ownership

All articles of clothing, bags, books, stationery items, calculators and so on must be clearly marked with the current owner's name.

Students should not bring to school more money than is needed for the day and must accept responsibility for its use and whereabouts. If, for some exceptional reason, a larger sum than usual is brought and needed for after school, it must be lodged (in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the student’s name) at the school office for safekeeping and claimed at the end of the day. School fees should be deposited at the School Office before school.

Lost Property

All clothing and articles should be marked clearly. If the property is lost, parents and children are welcome to look in the Lost Property Box outside the canteen. Unclaimed clothing will be placed in the Clothing Pool or sent to the St Vincent de Paul Society at the end of each term.

Messages, Visitors and Family Circumstances

Messages for Students

If you have a message for your son/daughter, please let the office know as early as possible and preferably before lunchtime (1:15 pm), as classes will not be interrupted to pass on routine messages. In case of emergencies, there will be exceptions to this rule; however, a paramount aim of the school is to safeguard the students' instruction time as much as possible.

Change of Address/Family Circumstances

It is important that parents notify the office in writing with details of the change of address, change of phone numbers, emergency contact and any other relevant information as soon as possible so we can update our records and be able to contact you when necessary (e.g. when your child is sick). You will also need to complete a new bus travel application form for your child if they travel by bus (even if they are still travelling on the same bus). Bus Travel forms are available from the school office.

School Visitors

All visitors are asked to sign in at the front office using the Who’s On Location App. Additional sign-on sheets are provided for events where a large number of people are expected to sign in, and a staff member will be available to offer assistance at events. There are Visitor guidelines on display in the office foyer.